Welcome to EXAG 2016

Welcome to the homepage of the Experimental AI in Games workshop, hosted by AIIDE 2016 near San Francisco, California. EXAG aims to make games research a more fun, friendly and accessible place, and in doing so foster research that makes games more exciting, surprising, unusual and wild. EXAG aims to celebrate innovative applications of AI to all aspects of games and game development. We’re interested in things like:

  • New games and other related projects powered by academic research – like Sure Footing or Talk Of The Town.
  • New technology and tools made possible by AI, like the visualisation of AI logic that powered Moonshot Games’ Third Eye Crime.
  • New applications and ideas from AI subfields not often used in games, like computational linguistics or machine vision.
  • Traditional AI techniques being applied in new ways, like Left 4 Deads drama management or Black And White‘s learning creatures.
  • Better living through AI – improving game development and design through new and interesting applications of AI, from intelligent design tools to automated QA.

We’re interested in building better games, new kinds of game, and exciting things that might not be games at all. For more information on the workshop’s aims and topic areas, check out our Call For Papers.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact our organisers: